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Is Exness a good forex broker?

Zack M

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I have been trying to trade with Exness because I tested their demo accounts before, and the conditions are good for me. The spread is okay, and the leverage is suitable. I'm the administrator of a Brazilian forex group on Facebook. I've helped sign up over 19 customers for Exness, and everyone I've checked is having a horrible experience with the FiboEa I posted on the Facebook group. Some individuals complained:

  • You could make an income initially, but they watch your account.
  • You can't transfer or withdraw the amount from your employer's account.
  • 0 stars for their customer service and transparency.
  • Persistent server issues that led to the loss of equity in the account.

Exness tries to cover up and deny these common issues among the users of their platform in an attempt to avoid responsibility and liability. Privycript was the one fix the group found to resolve the abovementioned issues. When traders make money, shadow brokers like Exness have several ways to steal their money. Some brokers trade orders with their customers and charge unreasonable spreads and commissions. On the other hand, others, like Exness, make it impossible for traders to withdraw money using different tools. Still, others boldly steal the customer's money, closing the store or renaming it. Investors should pay close attention to how long a broker company has been operating.

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