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NFTs Surge: The recent sudden uptick in NFT sales


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NFTs have been sleepy for the last 2 or 3 years, but recently we have been seeing news articles / Youtube reports of sudden huge purchases on NFTs and with the market expected to peak somewhat after the Cryptocurrency boom, is it worth getting excited about again..? I mean, if you managed to hold onto a few of these 'assets', are you optimistic about the prospects of their returning to a decent valuation again? Or do you think these are too risky, prone to scammers and should be kept away from? I wonder if many of those old collections can be worth money again??

Here's a recent Medium article dated recently, from Medium.


Have you got any of these 'bags' you are stil HODLing onto?? And what are you expecting for their prices in the 2024-2025/26 season??



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